Kenya Impact: Wiping Out Poverty One Micro Grant at a Time!

Bring Economic Development to East Africa Through the Ebenezer Project

You Can Change a Nation Economically

Small micro grants from donors like you help to provide economic development to pastors and villagers. For as little as $50, you can change the economic future of individuals and families.

Kenya Impact/Ebenezer Project at a Glance

Kenyans first apply for membership in Ebenezer for 100 Shillings ($1.00 USD). They pay 5o Shillings as a monthly maintenance fee. Members are required to start small with a banana grove and chicken coop.

The prospective business owner meets with the Ebenezer Project oversight committee to apply for funding for their new business.

The oversight committee evaluates the trustworthiness, diligence, and experience of the prospective business owner.

Upon approval of the candidate, the oversight committee releases funds to procure the needed equipment.

When all of the needed equipment and supplies have been procured, the business is officially launched.

At regular intervals, a representative of the oversight committee inspects the business to see how it is doing.


“Your grant has helped provide my children with tuition, books and uniforms!”