Pastor George Wafula
Pastor George WafulaDirector of KMTI
George has been with KMTI/UMTI for more than nineteen years, earning his Doctor’s degree in Biblical Theology. Through years of dedicated study and application, he worked his way up from being a student to becoming the KMTI Director. George’s wife of 15 years, Joy, is also a KMTI graduate. They have two sons, Larry and Joseph and a daughter, Mercy.
Larry Neese
Larry NeeseKMTI National Coordinator of Development
Larry has served in third world missions for more than thirty years, establishing national pastoral training schools in Haiti, the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda. Larry is now serving as National Coordinator of new training centers in East Africa.
Bob VandeBrake
Bob VandeBrakeUMTI National Coordinator of Development
Bob has worked the last ten years opening schools in Uganda. Ten years ago his team founded the Uganda Ministry Training Institute. Currently, there are more than 50 students enrolled in our school in Uganda. UMTI has set a goal to graduate 500 pastors in five years.