Fund a Salon or Barber Shop. Make a difference!

Kenya Impact and Robert VandeBrake Ministries help fund various micro businesses through the Ebenezer Development Group. Ebenezer is a CBO (Community Based Organization) in western, Kenya that is geared towards eradicating poverty through economic empowerment. Ebenezer provides funding and oversight for various business projects through micro-grants to qualified Kenyans. Ebenezer has helped start three salons and barber shops, which employ six people. These six people earn their livelihood by the operation of these service businesses. Even in Kenya, young and old want to look their best!

Salon: $500, Barber Shop: $200

Making a Difference…

To the right is Sammy Wasike who is a barber who also runs a battery charging service. He recharges everything from cell phones to 12-volt batteries. The 12-volt batteries are used in homes to power TVs and radios. Sammy can provide for a family of four with the income he receives from his business.