13 Cows Funded & More on the Way!

Kenya Impact and Robert VandeBrake Ministries help fund various micro businesses through the Ebenezer Development Group. Ebenezer is a CBO (Community Based Organization) in western, Kenya that is geared towards eradicating poverty through economic empowerment. Ebenezer provides funding and oversight for various business projects through micro-grants to qualified Kenyans. Cows are very important to the Kenyan economy providing milk (and milk byproducts), meat and fertilizer. A large cow can provide up to $200 per month from the sale of milk, which helps dairy owners provide food, education, and healthcare for their families. Fund a large cow for $400 or a calf for $200

Fund a Cow for $200 or $400

Making a Difference…

To the right is Lazaro Aseka, the father of three children. Not only has his original cow been a good milk producer, but it has also given birth to four additional cows. The first two cows were given away to other Ebenezer members (a principle of Ebenezer is to “pay it forward”). Lazaro enjoys selling milk, which provides his family with food and education. Watch the video as he talks about Bob, his “happy cow.”