You Can Help Change a Nation

When a tribal warrior becomes a preacher of the Gospel, and a village tribe becomes a local church, then a whole nation can be changed! KMTI has already trained hundreds of indigenous pastors in Kenya. But, there are more applicants than we can train at our main campus and five satellite schools. Additional funding is the only thing that keeps us from expanding further in Kenya—and surrounding nations. With your help, KMTI has the opportunity to change nations for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Kenya Ministry Training Institute-KMTI Diploma Program

KMTI has been training Kenyan pastors successfully since 1989, using a curriculum developed in Kenya by Dr. LeRoy Curtis just for this purpose. KMTI graduates learn the Word of God by applying inductive Bible study to the entire Scriptures over a two-year course. Their studies involve two weeks of intensive training every two months for a total of eight semesters. This allows students to return to their local churches, jobs and families on a regular basis, to apply what they are learning, as they learn it. When they’ve completed the two-year program, in addition to their Bibles, they will have 24 syllabus workbooks, which form the beginning of their pastoral library. That’s 2400+ pages of biblical insight and inductive study! The end result is that the inductive method of teaching makes them students of the Word for life. Our experience also has proven that their lives and their churches are dramatically transformed, making each of them agents of change in their villages and nation. In turn, they enthusiastically recruit other students who keep the momentum going! Click to view and download a pdf of a detailed description of the KMTI/UMTI program & curriculum.

Kenya Ministry Training Institute-KMTI Degree Program

KMTI now offers a degree program, which began in 2013. After a student earns their two-year diploma in Christian Education from KMTI they are eligible to apply for our B.A. Degree in Christian Education program (note: only KMTI grads are eligible to apply). Studies include courses in Homiletics and Apologetics, “Proper” (British) English, Computer Science, Christian Counseling, Micro-Business Management, African Church History, World Religions, Youth Venture Ministry (reaching the next generation), World Changing Prayer, Christian Disciplines, and Worship as a Lifestyle. The degree program runs for seven semesters over a two-year period. Classes are presented in three-week intensives every two months. Each student will receive 21 syllabus workbooks as part of their education. Diploma program graduates must pass a written test before being accepted into the degree program. Once successfully completed, graduates are well-equipped to lead a bi-vocational life and ministry.

The Problem in “Christian” Kenya

This East African nation has been heavily evangelized and claims to be 80% Evangelical. But this evangelism is “a mile wide and an inch deep”—converts don’t know the Bible. Over sixty percent of the Christians are in small village or town churches with untrained leadership. Most leaders cannot access or afford training in the Word or in Christian living. As a result, the nation lingers in corruption and poverty for lack of basic Christian training. Islam is also creeping south in Africa—Christian Kenya stands in the way!

Halting the Spread of AIDS in Africa

The World Health Organization has said that within 20 years, half of Africa will die of AIDS, if the current rate of infection continues! Kenya has the second highest rate of infection of AIDS per capita of any nation in the world (second only to South Africa). Changing Kenyans’ practice of polygamy to monogamy will have the effect of reducing the spread of AIDS. Teaching men to be the husband of one wife is the best deterrant to the spread of AIDS. Biblical family living is just one of the many training areas taught at KMTI.

The Opportunity to Change a Nation

Most of these pastoral leaders are desperately hungry for training. KMTI takes the training to them. Training accommodates their income, education, and home/church responsibilities. Training in how to study the Bible themselves makes them lifelong students of the Word. Then KMTI trains the best of our students to become mentors and teachers of other pastors. We train interdenomi-nationally—serving the entire Body of Christ. There is no other school in Kenya that offers the inductive Bible training that we provide. Change a leader… change a village…change a nation…and stop Islam and AIDS from overtaking Africa!