KMTI: Changing nations—one village, one student at a time!

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You Can Help Change a Nation

When a tribal warrior becomes a preacher of the Gospel, and a village tribe becomes a local church, then a whole nation can be changed! KMTI (Kenya Ministry Training Institute) has already trained thousands of indigenous pastors in Kenya. But, there are more applicants than we can train at our main campus in Kitale, Kenya and in our Uganda school (UMTI). Additional funding is the only thing that keeps us from expanding further in Kenya—and surrounding nations. With your help, KMTI has the opportunity to change nations for the glory of Jesus Christ!

KMTI at a Glance

Although Kenya is said to be 80% Christian, the reality is that most people’s faith is a mile wide but a foot deep. Sound biblical training along with intensive discipleship is needed to change the tribal culture of Kenya. When pastors are properly trained, their people will benefit.
Islam has made inroads into the heart of Kenya, drawing away weak and shallow believers. Voodoo is also practiced in Kenya and many tribal people are caught in its grip. Heresy is rampant in the Christian church because of the lack of trained pastoral leadership. Bits of Scripture are mixed with tribal culture and the result is disastrous.
Kenya is a land of contrasts with with the powers of darkness raised up against the kingdom of God. Poverty and AIDS are a daily reality for the majority of the population. Tribal customs and peer pressure keep many from finding the light. Women are treated as property and teenage boys are circumcised in the streets in a horrific way.
You can begin to help make a difference in the life of a man or woman, a tribe, and a nation by donating today. You can sponsor a student, a class, or even help start a new school. Your contributions help support the missionary teams and facilities development of KMTI & UMTI.
The Great Commission says to “go.” Your mission to East Africa awaits. Come for two weeks to teach or build, or come for a lifetime of service!
The challenges to reach the people of east Africa are great—but our God is greater than any roadblock of the enemy, greater than any schemes of selfish and politically motivated, corrupt leaders. We are believing that God will change a nation!

Student Testimonials

“Without your support I would not have made it to this level. Therefore, I thank God for availing people with great hearts like you in such a needy time as this!”
Gilbert Kemboi
“After this school I wish to keep you knowing what the Lord will be doing through me in my ministry. God bless you as we continue with communication.”
Geoffrey Simiyu
“As a pastor I have changed in how I handle the flock and how to minister. It has taken me to another level. May God bless you so much. Thank you.”
Juma Patrick